Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trying is fun....but shouldn't we be seeing some results?

So here we are up in the "burbs" and enjoying life with two incomes! It was going great. We both liked our new jobs, we lived in a nice little duplex, bought a new car, life was good. We were also getting in lots of "practice." The only thing was, I was still getting the visit from AF (Aunt Flo--IVF talk...I think it is your first glimpse into that world!!) like clockwork every month. Of course, even if I was only a few days late I would begin to wonder.....but of course it was always a let down:(

So it had been almost a year since I had been off of birth control pills (BCP's--another acronym for ya!) and still no pregnancy. We were in the middle of building a house and getting ready to move in, but I knew that I needed to get in gear and get myself the dreaded annual appointment with a new OB/GYN. But seriously, who likes making that appointment, especially when you have to find a new one! I finally did make it and didn't cancel it (been known to do that a few times over the years!!). So I went in and had the dreaded exam and when she asked if I had any other questions, I decided I better fill her in on where we were with the "trying." I told her our story, a year of trying but with no success. I did leave out one little detail earlier.....Tony's new job required a lot of traveling. We weren't always "together" when we needed to be. After I filled the doctor in with ALL of the details, she suggested that I chart my Basal Body Temperature (BBT), along with when we were "trying." She said we should do this for at least 6 months and if still no results, to call and set up another appt. with her.

So, I went home, read tons of stuff on the internet, printed off charts, and bought the special thermometer. For those of you that don't know, BBT for a woman helps her to determine when she ovulates so that you can time intercourse. You need to take it first thing in the morning and try to take it around the same time each day. About day 14 of a regular 28 day cycle, there will be an increase of atleast .5 degrees for about 10-14 days. When you see the increase, it means that you have ovulated. Basically, the doctor wanted to make sure that I was ovulating and that we were having sex when we were supposed to.

So, we started on this endeavor right around the time we moved into our brand new house. It was all very exciting, especially when after about 3 full months in our house Tony interviewed for a new job and got we were moving back to where our families were, but it would inevitably put a kink in our plans to start our own family.


  1. and when she says we had practice, she means we had A LOT of practice. Like so much that it affected our normal routines. I mean really, it was hard to just read the paper on a Sunday morning. Can't blame the poor girl, she can't help herself.