Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our next step

So I went in to see the doctor for my follow-up appointment after the laparoscopy. She checked my incisions and everything appeared to be healing well. Then we had the serious talk of where we would be heading next. She explained that she felt that her expertise had been tapped and she wanted to send me to a reproductive endocronologist (RE for short--that is way to long to type again). Aunt Jill had of course checked out our insurance coverage and they would cover us to go, so my OB/GYN wanted to go ahead and send me on.

So, we got all set up to go see Dr. Graczykowski--Dr. G for short! My insurance required referrals before everything could begin, so we got all of that taken care of. Tony and I set up a consultation appointment with him. He worked out of the Methodist Atrium building. I remember being nervous when we went in. He was very nice, had an accent that was fun to listen to. He said that he wanted to start with intra-unterine inseminations (IUI) with clomid--we would do this for 6 months. If we were still seeing no results, then we would move on to In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). I remember something clearly that he said in that meeting: If IUI does not work, then we take everything out (egg and sperm) and work with them directly. It is then that we can see if it is an egg or sperm problem specifically. I really hoped that it would not get to this point, but...well, don't want to give everything away:)

We had lots of new tests that had to be run before we could begin. We both had to be tested for infectious diseases and such. Of course they all came back normal and clear. We were ready for our first IUI in late May of '07. Oh the places we have been since then!

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