Saturday, February 7, 2009

OK seriously, I think there might be something wrong

Ok, where were we.......oh yes, we had decided for Tony to take a job that would move us back to where our families lived. We were very excited and went through a lot. Remember how I said we had built a house right before we moved, well we decided to do it again:) We lived in a really crappy apartment from Jan 06-Mar 06 until the house was finished. Plus it meant that we had to sell our 6-month-old house in the burbs. All through this time we were still trying, although the BBT charting was a little sparse. When we got settled into our house, I started it up again. At least now we knew that Tony was home during the "important" times.

By late summer 06, we still had no pregnancy and we were running out of excuses. No more stress because of the move and selling of houses. No more "Tony wasn't home this month", no nothing. So I knew it was time to call and make another appointment with my OB/GYN. The good thing was that this is the doctor that I had been seeing since I was 18, plus Tony's Aunt Jill works there, so I kinda got an "in"!! We still hadn't told anyone yet, so of course I just told her that I needed my annual--it was time for that--and I knew that of course once I was in the room, patient confidentiality would take over.

So I went in for my appointment, loaded with all of my BBT charts that I had been keeping. Luckily Aunt Jill was leaving early that evening and would be gone by the time I was done. This was going to work out perfectly:) So we did all of the normal "annual" things, then when she asked if I had any other concerns, I broke out the BBT charts and started filling her in. She determined from my charts that I was definitely ovulating (saw a definite spike in temp) and we were "doing it" at the right times. She suggested that we start some different testing to see what was going on. I agreed and we set up an appointment for the first one (to be named in the next post). I then added that I really didn't want Aunt Jill to know. One of the nurses overheard me and reminded me that while no one there would tell her, that she does do the insurance it looked like we were going to have to tell the first person about our struggles.

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