Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In the beginning.....

Well, since I am here in the office by myself today (sickies all around me!!) thought I would use my lunch hour to make a post.

My, my, where do I even begin. Tony and I have a long history that starts back in our junior year of high school (Fall 1995). I can't say that it worked out the best back in the beginning, but after much soul searching and dating on and off for the next 4 years, we got engaged on Feb. 13th, 1999. Wow, almost exactly 10 years ago--that is scary!! We got married June 24th, 2000 after I graduated from college. We started out our lives together doing the normal things young married couples do, as well as sending Tony to college. We decided to wait to start our family until he was done with college--wasn't that a smart thing to do?

Well, not many people know this, but I actually went off the pill in the late summer/early fall of 2003. We thought maybe I would get pregnant and be able to have the baby right around the time he would be graduating from college in May 2004. Obviously that didn't work, but we weren't phased as it really wasn't that long to be trying. After he graduated and we got settled into our new jobs and home we decided it was time to get started on that family. I went off the pill in the fall of 2004.....and haven't been back on since (except to regulate my cycles for IVF, but that is another post!!).

Thus begins our journey to have a family, but we just had no idea where it would take us or how long!

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