Sunday, February 22, 2009

IUI's: The Beginning

So, we had had all of our tests and we were ready to move on. When my next cycle started, I went into the office and they checked my ovaries to make sure that everything was clear. They were clear, so they wanted me to take Clomid on certain days of my cycle and then I had to go back for them to check that the eggs were producing correctly. They also prescribed me a shot of Ovidrel. Ovidrel is an hCG injection, which makes your body ovulate. I was a little worried/upset because the doctor or nurses never went over how to use the shot or give myself the injection. They just told me that it would be coming and then eventually when I would have to take it. I actually called my mom to come over and help me give it. All and all it went okay. Now came the interesting part.

Tony had the hardest job during all of our IUI's. He had to leave work, go home, do his "business" and then keep it warm while he drove all the way to Peoria to the doctor's office. The doctor was pretty adament that he only had a certain window of time to get it there once it had been "expelled." I remember when he called me once he had made the drop off. He had hit every red light and gotten behind every slow person on the way to the office. He said he went running in all worried that it was ruined and then the nurse took it like he had all of the time in the world to get there. He was so mad!

He waitied the 45 minutes in between drop-off and actual procedure in the car in the parking lot. We went in and they "inseminated" me and then I had to lay on the table for 30 minutes afterwards--it is a really long time and an awkward situation! Afterwards we went home. I waited a couple of weeks and then had to go get a blood test to see if it had worked. Well, needless to say it was not a good phone call when the doctor's office called because it was negative. We weren't swayed though, the doctor had told us that the curve of IUI's starts out slow, with the peak of positives coming within months 3-5. So we waited for my next cycle to start so we could try again.

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