Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Furry Family

So, I was in the shower tonight and realized that I had forgotten two important people in our lives......our furry family members. Chaos-the cat joined the family first. Tony got her during the summer of 97--we were actually broken up at the time. He and a friend were living together and they decided they needed a cat. Well, the only problem was that animals were not permitted in their apartment complex......she really liked to look out the front window, which was fine until the super saw her. Needless to say, Tony kept the cat when they got evicted and she has been ours ever since:)
Tasker, our puppy, joined the family in March of 2004. Tony had been wanting a dog, but since we were poor (he was in college full-time and we were living off of my teacher salary) we hadn't gotten one yet. Well he won a poster contest for his major at a conference in Chicago and the prize was $$$$. So, we put that money to use and drove 4 hours to retrieve him from the breeder. Chaos has not forgiven us since (as you can tell from her happy picture)!!
We love them and they are ours! I just felt bad that they had not been introduced to everyone. They deserve a special post, and now they have one:)

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