Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Breathing Easier!!

So we had our ultrasound appointment this morning. They were just a little behind, so the wait wasn't too bad. Tony has been asking me over the last few days if I have felt pregnant....I keep telling him that I keep poking my boobs to make sure that they are still sore:)

The doctor came in and got everything set up and then put the probe in. I was a little nervous at first because the view they had up didn't really show anything except a blob. Jolene mentioned that it wasn't on "OB" view, so she changed it to the different view and ....then there was the baby! It was SO cool to see! It measured right on target at 8w4d and then the heart rate should have been between 170-180 and it was 176bpm! You could see little arms and legs and it was even moving its head a little! Tony asked if we could just sit and look at it for a while:) They played around with the view a few times and then put it on a 3d type of view, which was really cool to see as well. We have 3 different pictures--Tony took one with him and I have the other 2. I will definitely try to get a couple of them uploaded to post. I have been holding back a little just until we were a little more I think we can be there:)

The doctor told me that I could go off of the Fortamet and Bromocriptine, so that is two meds down! And good timing--both needed to be refilled by this weekend:) I still have to be on all of my other meds, although I did forget to make sure about the Lovenox, so I have a call into the nurse to make sure. I could have graduated today, but then when I reminded Dr. S that I was coming in next week for my intralipid appt, she said that I could have one more ultrasound if I wanted....well I wasn't going to pass that up! So I will stay with SIRM for one more week and then most likely be released back to Dr. B. We are starting to move away from the cautious optimism:)

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  1. How awesome! I can't wait to see pics! Congrats! :)