Thursday, May 28, 2009

First OB Appt.

I had my first OB appt yesterday. It was really nice to go there and start that process. I met with one of the nurses and we filled out all the paperwork and questionnaires about our background and history. Had to do a urine test to check for UTI's. This process took quite a while as she had to ask all the questions and then I in-turn had to explain all of the meds that I am still on, why I am on them, and when they will be stopped--so lots of writing and checking off going on:) We also discussed that SIRM had me a day behind based on my due date, so I was really 10w5d yesterday--not 10w4d. I commented that the widget and other websites had me at the 10w5d--so I guess they were right! After that we went into the room (Tony was able to stop by on his lunch break in-between job stops) to wait for the doctor. Tony really wanted to be there to hear the heartbeat again--so I got undressed and waited. After several minutes the nurse came in and said she almost forgot to get the heartbeat! We were wondering, because I was sure that the nurse did it and not the she put the Doppler on my tummy and immediately found that wonderful sound:) It measured at 156bpm, which she said was perfect.

During this time, Dr B. made her way into the room. She was in her scrubs, which you usually don't see at the office and I made a comment about delivering babies--she said she had already had one that morning and was on her way back for a 2nd one! She checked my cervix and did a pelvic exam and said everything looked and felt great. I went over my meds with her and made sure she was fine with when SIRM had told me to stop some things. We discussed being on the Lovenox throughout the pregnancy. She said because of my APA issues (which is why I am on the Lovenox) that she would refer me to a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist later on in my pregnancy for some extra monitoring. I asked about delivering on Lovenox because I had heard that a lot of doctors stop you 24 hours prior and then induce. She said this would most-likely be the situation with me and that I would deliver when the specialist said I was ready! She again commented that I was "high-tech" and we laughed. She gave me a big hug on her way out and told us how excited she was that we were finally there. She also reassured us that once we got past 10 weeks, she rarely ever had anyone miscarry--so that was nice to hear again!

After that, I got dressed and had some more blood drawn. While I had already been tested for every disease known to man at SIRM--they had forgotten to put that info in my file they sent over! Plus there were a few other tests that needed to be ran. So the nurse was going to call SIRM and get my test info and then decide what else needed to be ran. They drew enough blood just in case they needed to have everything run again:) I hear you have extra blood when you are pregnant, so I guess I had some to spare!

Overall it was a really good appt. Aunt Jill and I actually got to talk insurance business when I was there, although we forgot to finish it! I talked to her today though and she just signed me up for my payments and put the papers in the mail:) The doctor asked if I wanted to come back weekly to be able to hear the heartbeat--told her only if she thought it was I go back in 2 weeks and I will see the other doctor in the practice. Although on my way out, the nurse said I could stop by anytime I needed reassurance and I could hear the heartbeat--might take her up on that--feeling a little weird after the pelvic exam, or maybe it was the Mexican food I inhaled last night:)

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