Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're Back!

So I got in big trouble today from my wonderful co-workers Cathy and Emily for not posting while we were gone--sorry ladies but I just had a million other things to do!

Overall our trip was great! The weather was wonderful--85 and sunny every day! It was so nice to get away from all the rain and yuck, but I guess we are back to it now! Will it ever get dry? Of course I got sunburned from only being down on the beach for 15 minutes after getting my hair done! The bride and I just went down to say hi to everyone who had arrived and were enjoying time in the ocean and we both got pink! It was crazy! We rented a convertible and went driving down A1A (beachfront avenue!!) on Sunday and of course got burned again! We still went to the beach later that day, but that was after stopping to buy a hat and 50 sunblock! Later we stopped to buy some aloe! I am pretty much brown now though and it never got Really uncomfortable!

The shots went well. I wasn't stopped by either sets of security about my needles, so that was a relief. We were a little delayed getting into Orlando on Thursday, so we rushed to find a "family" bathroom to do my shots in. We dropped the vial of Progesterone, but luckily it didn't break--only dented the top of the vial. So that was a relief! During the reception I did my lovenox in the bathroom and then we had a friend stand guard outside a storage closet while we did the PIO shot--it was quite comical! Only the bride and groom and one other friend (the one who stood guard) knew about the pregnancy, but we wonder if others weren't starting to wonder:)

The other news of the trip is a secret we have been keeping for quite some time now. Abby and Ryan (bride and groom) are not real religious people and they wanted Tony to play a large part in their wedding--they asked him to officiate! It took several minutes to convince him that they were being serious and that it would be legal in the state of Florida:) So he got ordained on-line and performed the ceremony! Now to those of you who may not find that enjoyable--sorry--but what is the difference of going to a justice of the peace or judge and getting married? They are not religious figures and he in no way was sac-religious about anything! Oh well, no need to explain ourselves! Tony did a great job--brought down the whole house (well beach) to tears. Might have also had to do with the bride and groom crying through the whole thing as well (although I am taking no credit away from you honey!!) There were people on the beach turning their chairs around to watch--he was very nervous but did a great job! And he looked great in his new suit!

The trip was wonderful and we were sad to come home--especially to this weather!

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