Monday, May 11, 2009


So, I have come to the conclusion that I have been in a funk lately. So I apologize to anyone who has had contact with me, especially today.....I know it hasn't been fun or easy lately. I am attributing it to a few things. One is that I still have this stupid sinus thing going on and it is getting really annoying! I'm so ready to be able to breathe without it being an effort! I was beginning to think that it was just an allergy thing that I was going to need to get used to, but tonight I had a little yellow drainage--so I'm not sure anymore! A second reason is that I haven't been feeling the best these last two days, which I guess is good in the overall picture, but a little draining on the mind. And thirdly, it is probably just my defense mechanism kicking in....beginning to get worried for Wednesday. It's not that there is one thing that has happened that is making me worried--still have all of the same symptoms--but just wanting to see that everything is progressing as it should be. I have gotten really used to saying that I am pregnant and excited to say it out loud at times.....just want to be able to continue saying it!

Overall our weekend was good. Tony did some landscaping on Saturday while I did the Race with my mom and Trisha. We went to breakfast and did some shopping afterwards, which is always good:) On Sunday we did a few family get-togethers. In between stops, we made a detour to another destination. We had decided that it was time to tell some very important people in our lives that we were going to have a baby. We felt that they deserved to know before we made any kind of announcement to anyone. So we stopped to tell our Grandparents--which was a very emotional stop to say the least--but we were glad that we did it. Now when we get our good news on Wednesday, we can feel open to make as many announcements as we want--well all in good time at least:) (see that was me trying to be positive again!!)

So hopefully tomorrow I can snap out of my funk! I have a meeting after work, so I am not sure that there will be time to post. I will update after our appointment on Wednesday morning.

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