Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here's the Picture!

So I decided that I would go ahead and upload yesterdays ultrasound picture. This is what the baby looked like at 8w4d (8 weeks, 4 days). It is really the first one that you can really see anything specific. The one from 2 weeks ago just looks like a little speck in a black hole, but this one has more defined body parts. Isn't it crazy? It will be neat to see how next weeks will look because so much is happening at this point in the development.

I am doing well, coming to terms more with the fact that we may actually have a baby in 7 months! It is still very surreal to me. I am contemplating sending out an email to my friends who do not already know, either sometime tonight or in the next couple of days. I think that will make it more real. Tony has already basically told all of his friends.....just holding my news a little closer to my heart I guess. But I know, I know, I need to move past my cautious optimism and jump in with both feet:) I swear I am working towards it. Maybe the email will help to push me over the other side! That will be my challenge to myself--write and send the email:)

I did check out to see if there was any pre-natal yoga in the area. It is something that I am interested in trying during the pregnancy. I found one place, albeit on the other side of Peoria, that has a class one night a week. I just think that it would be something to help keep me calm and more in shape during the pregnancy, especially since I haven't been able to do much since beginning treatment in the middle of March! I did take the dog for a walk around the block a couple of times today, so I feel a little better about myself. I am not officially released back to full-activity, so I won't be joining the yoga class until after that.

Hope everyone had a great day. The weather was wonderful! Tony got to enjoy the day at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs win--so jealous! We go in a month though, so I don't have to wait too long:)

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