Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks Dad!! :)

So I would like to start this post by thanking my dad for giving me his teeth! Not only do I take great care of them (brushing at least 2xdaily and flossing every night!) but they gave me my first root canal on my 21st b-day, with another one following shortly after! Well my wonderful teeth have struck again! I called the dentist today and was able to get in for them to take a look at my tooth. I informed them that I was about 8 weeks pregnant and they were very sure to have me completely covered before taking the x-ray. The doctor didn't think it was a tooth issue, but rather a gum issue. He said that sometimes (key word being sometimes!!) in pregnancy it can make the gums swell and irritated. He also said that because my sinuses had been irritated for a while that they could be contributing to the issue as well. So he gave me some new pick things to use several times a day, but if it didn't get better to come back and see him next week. So of course, if there would be one side effect of pregnancy that I would get, it would have to do with my wonderful teeth:)

I also went to see Dr. B (my OB) this afternoon. Aunt Jill called and said that if I wanted I could come in and see her about my sinus thing. They would keep it on the "down-low" and not code anything under OB so as not to mess up any of the insurance stuff. Everyone in the office was excited for me/us. Dr. B asked all kinds of questions about the meds and infusions and told me that I was "high-tech":) I told her she would have to read up on all of my charts when she got them back! She went ahead and prescribed me a z-pack and some prescription robitussin. I'm a little nervous about the z-pack because it is related to a drug that I had a really bad reaction to when I was in college. I took my first two tonight and so far, so good.

We have a busy weekend coming up. I am doing the race for the cure on Saturday, although we will only be able to do the 1 mile (sorry, still on restrictions!!). It will get us out to breakfast earlier though:) Then of course Sunday is Mother's Day, so church in the morning and then some family festivities. I think Tony is going to do some yard work on Saturday---he is so excited he can hardly stand himself:)

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