Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Will it ever stop?

Worrying--will it ever stop? I'm not sure that it will! Things have been fine, but I guess I just keep waiting for that other shoe to drop. We ALWAYS get bad news, but so far things have been good.....will I ever be able to accept it? I'm not really sure! I feel that if I start talking about my "symptoms" or how I am feeling that I will jinx everything! You always hear that once you are pregnant, the worrying never stops--all the way through adulthood! Man, I am going to have a lot of gray hairs if that is the case:)

Otherwise things are pretty good. I still have my sinus/cough thing going on. It is getting really annoying to say the least. I hate to take medicines, but at times I have broken down. The sudafed has not seemed to help with the congestion, but I have taken the Robitussin a few times to help with the cough. Now, for the past couple of days I have had a tooth that is a little sore. It started in Florida and I thought maybe I just slept on it weird (different pillows and all), but so far it is still sore--maybe getting a little worse. I also know that I have long roots on my upper teeth, so it may be aggravated due to the long sinus issues, but I may have to break down and call the dentist tomorrow. Seriously--one more thing on my plate please!


  1. In similar news, I'm looking to rent 1 room apartment for....say.....nine months....