Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crazy Busy!

We have been so busy these last several days! It seems like we haven't really been home for any stretch of time and when we are, I've been trying to get caught up on everything else--no time for posting:) So I thought I would update on what has happened since my last post:)

Thursday-21st: Hmm, nothing much must have happened because I can't even think of one thing that happened:) Maybe this was our one night home and I tried to get caught up on the cleaning and laundry:) Oh no--I think we went to Peoria to drive a few cars--our quest to find a new one continues!

Friday-22nd: I got a manicure and pedicure on the way home--by the way, why do we even pay to have our fingernails painted? It starts chipping within 24hours every time! I told Tony to remind me to never pay for another manicure! Pedicures will continue to happen, but not the manicures! We then went to Peoria for dinner and to drive a few more cars--well actually only one because the place we went was closing. So we drove the car and then went to dinner.

Saturday-23rd: We had a graduation party for Tony's cousin and then the in-town reception for the wedding we went to in Florida. So this was a full-day of parties and hanging out. We did tell most of our friends about the pregnancy so we think now that most everyone knows. It is still a little scary--but we are moving forward and past our cautiousness:)

Sunday-24th--My birthday!!: Lets see, we skipped church due to the late night (I know, bad people:)). Tony mowed the lawn in the morning and then we headed to the high school for the actual graduation ceremony. It was warm, but the breeze and clouds helped out a lot! Tony then took me to Red Lobster for dinner--love those garlic cheese biscuits! We then went to Target to walk around and look at the baby section--something we haven't done in a very long time! It was nice to look and talk about the things that we might be purchasing in a short while:)

Monday-25th: We, well I, headed to my brother's house for our family birthday/anniversary celebration. Tony had to join us a little late......a little stomach/bathroom issue--wasn't sure he wanted to be sitting in a Park if you catch my drift:) It was nice to get together and see everyone--we laughed because we were celebrating 5 birthdays and 3 anniversaries yesterday--the babies birthday will be in the winter and be shared with 1 other birthday and anniversary:) We needed some spacing out in that aspect!! When we got home, we had to take the Pathfinder to the shop so that it could get an oil change and new fuel filter before Tony leaves on his "mancation" this weekend (I'll explain more on that later!!) Then it was home to do some much needed laundry and picking up!

I have my first OB appt tomorrow. So I will wait to post any updates on medications and our next steps until then. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Happy Birthday, fellow Gemini!! How did we get to 31 so fast???