Sunday, March 15, 2009

And the Results Are In!

So, we had all of these new tests run. It was supposed to take about 7-10 days to get the results. I remember driving out to Farmington one afternoon for work and the doctor's office called. The nurse said that "a lot of questions were answered" with the results that they had gotten. She quickly overviewed them with me and then set up another consultation with the doctor. We had to wait about a week or so to get in to see her. Tony decided to come with me to this consultation. We knew that we would be getting a lot of new information and it was going to involve both of us.

So me first--of all of the three panels I had run--they ALL came back abnormal! Can you believe it. I had a high level of NK cells and some of the 8 cells of the RIP panel came back abnormal. So that meant that I would be needing the Intralipid infusion when we would go through a cycle next. On the APA panel, I had one test that came back a little abnormal, but because of my history of never getting a positive, they would go ahead and treat it. So this meant that I would be adding a Lovenox injection also during my next cycle. I wasn't sure how to take the news. I was happy because maybe here were some answers as to why things weren't happening for us, but I was also mad because why did it have to be so hard? Why did it seem like EVERYTHING was wrong with me?

Tony-he had the SDI test run. While his numbers did not come back terrible, they weren't wonderful either. Some guys have to take hormone shots, or take clomid or other special medicines to help boost their "swimmers." The doctor felt that all Tony needed was a new vitamin with a couple of supplements. The only problem with the vitamin she wanted to put him on was that it had iron in it--and Tony can't process iron because of his Thalassemia. So we had to find something that he could take. It didn't take too long before we got a plan figured out.

We had another really good consultation with the doctor. We spent a long time with her again. She is really into "functional medicine" and her and Tony had a long conversation about supplements and what is really necessary and what isn't, exercise, etc. At one point, I just sat back and listened to their discussion:) Towards the end of their converstaion, when they had finished:), Tony jokingly said "OK, now can we talk about your carb addiction." I laughed at him and thought that we would just all laugh and then get up and leave. Well this sparked a whole new debate with the doctor as to whether or not I did have PCOS/IR. We talked a little more and she decided that she would go ahead and put me on the prescription medicine that 4 weeks ago she thought would be overkill!

So we left with a list of new supplements and vitamins to buy. I also had several new medicines that I would have to add before and when we went through a cycle again! The first one would be adding this new prescription that I had heard horror stories about the side-effects from other people who were on it.....I couldn't wait to stop by the pharmacy and get it filled!

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