Monday, March 30, 2009

ET complete!

Ok. I am trying this from the couch on my blackberry, so we will see how it turns out:)

We are back, well I am atleast. Tony dropped me off, made sure I had everything I needed, and then left to get drugs for his back! He is in a lot of pain!:(

We transferred 3. The embryologist came in and talked wit us. We had 3 6-celled and 1 4-celled one. They are supposed to be between 6 & 8 cells on day three. She recommended atleast 2, but they would do 3 if we wanted. The grades were 1 grade 1, 1 grade 2, and 1 grade 3. I think I asked twice, but yes I did have a grade 1! I asked the doctor her opinion on the 3rd one. She said it most likely wouldn't take, but research supported its presence. It may talk to the uterus to help with implantation. So we went with three. The embryologist brought us pictures of the 3. She showed us the grade 1 and said that it is starting to compact, so that was another good thing about it.

Of course it was uncomfortable with the full bladder and the nurse pushing down from on top and the doctor probing around inside. The doctor mentioned that I have a tilt to my uterus as well, so that made it a little harder for her to get started!

I then had to lay there for 30 mins. Tony had to go get someone because we thought they forgot me. I immediately went to the bathroom-toga style, then got dressed!

I am feeling a little more positive. The grade one really helped that! I plan on taking it easy for the next few days. Gonna watch movies and read. I have my blood tests on the 7th & 9th. We will know then if it worked. Will update soon!

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