Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where Are We Now?

Ok, well I have finally gotten through all of our back story--didn't realize how many posts it would take to get through it all! Sorry if I bored anyone, but now we are in the present. So here is an update of where we are now.

We are currently in the March 09 cycle in Peoria. We have been taking our new supplements for several weeks. I began my Lupron and Dex on March 4th, then went off of the high Estrogen BCP on the 8th. I had my baseline BW-no U/S this time-and my levels came back low enough to proceed. I was a little worried because AF was really nothing, which in the past has meant that I had a cyst. I was definitely pleasantly surprised when they called and said my levels were low enough to continue. This is our first time making it through without a cyst!

I began my Lovenox Injection and my FSH medicine (Follistim) yesterday. I decided to do my Lovenox in the morning along with my Lupron injection. I have to take 30 mgs and that is a lot in one injection! Yesterdays left a huge bruise on my belly and I was a little worried that I would be looking like a large pin cushion by the time I was done! This morning, I decided to try injecting it a little slower....and so far so good. Only a very small spot, no huge bruise! My Follistim injection has to happen in the evening between 7pm and 9pm. It went fine-get to use a cool pen injector. These first two nights I inject 375 units--not a huge amount, but not small either! The size of the dose is decreased tomorrow night when I add my LH medicine (also an evening injection)--The first two nights of FSH injections are a little like a "jump start" for the ovaries, then they decrease it so that they follicles don't grow too fast. After a few days, this is when I start to look and feel very bloated--my ovaries have many more eggs than they are used too--and I get pretty uncomfortable and none of my clothes fit well!

Finally, tomorrow is my scheduled Intralipid infusion. I thought it was a little weird because the pharmacy wanted to send it to my house. I didn't think that sounded right, so I called the doctor's office and low and behold--they were supposed to send it to my house. So I joked with the nurse that it was a BYOB (bring your own bag) infusion:) Tony and I had to go out to FedEx last night to pick up the package. They sent me a large bag of saline and a smaller bag with what looked like milk in it! As I read the package, Intralipid is basically a fat emulsion, which when I think of liquid fat--it would probably look like what is in this bag. So I am taking the morning off tomorrow to go in and have this infusion done--it is supposed to take 2 hours. I borrowed a book to read while I am there, plus I will take my Ipod in case I want to have some music to listen to as well.

From now on my posts shouldn't be as wordy--well maybe I shouldn't get ahead of myself:) Tony sometimes says that I talk a lot! I hope everyone is finding this blog useful and not too boring. From now on it will contain what is happening during the cycle--and probably a few other thoughts that I have along the way--so everyone should be up to date with everything!

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