Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, I had my CD9 appointment today. I went in at 8:15 for my bloodwork and then was supposed to be back at 10:45 for my ultrasound. The office was packed! There was practically nowhere to sit. There were lots of husbands there with their wives, so they took up a lot of seats as well. I kind of chuckled to myself when I saw them, because really there is not much to see on these days. I told Tony a long time ago that he didn't need to waste his days off to come and look at black orbs (that's what they honestly look like) on an ultrasound machine:) I am sure there will be fewer there tomorrow!:)

The bloodwork went fine and then I went to the cafeteria to sit and read my book. I remember walking to the cafeteria and thinking that I was glad that my mom used to work there, because it is a bit of a maze to get over to the cafeteria from where the office is located:) So I picked a booth and started reading. After a little bit I went and got a snack, but then went back to reading. I went back to the office about 10:35 and it was still packed! About 11:45 I heard someone else ask and she said they were running an hour or so behind--her appointment was at 10:15 and there were still 3 people in front of her. I decided that I better take the rest of the day off, so I called into work and did so. Then I was mad that I had worn uncomfortable work clothes! Isn't is funny what you think about at times:)

Finally about 12:45--yep 2 hours late--I got back to see the doctor. I knew the office staff felt terrible--they kept giving me these "I'm really sorry, but there isn't much we can do about it" looks. I don't blame them though and at least I know the doctor is spending her time making sure everything is right. So, the results:) I had 6-7 follicles on my left ovary, ranging in size from 12.5mm-17mm. She then tried to locate my right ovary. She had a bit of difficulty, which isn't pleasant with an internal sonogram by the way, and finally found it hiding behind my uterus. Due to its position, she couldn't really measure, but again found about 6-7 and they ranged in size from 10mm-12mm. If I remember correctly, mature follicles are about 18mm. The doctors want to wait until "most" of your eggs are around this size before doing retrieval. So some of the larger ones may be sacrificed for the "greater good" of the cycle. She also measured my uterine lining which was about 8mm. They like it to be around 8mm-9mm, so I am okay, although a little on the "skinny" side. It may grow more though with more medicine.

So I then had to wait to talk to the nurse. She called me back and although she didn't have my bloodwork results, they were going to have me take the same amount of meds tonight and then I have to go back tomorrow for more bloodwork and an ultrasound. Hopefully tomorrow I will only have to take the 1st half of the day off! There was no talk about a potential ER date. According to info on the web, follicles grow 1mm-3mm a day, so it could be a few more days. We will know more tomorrow. I am thinking Friday or Saturday, but who knows. It makes me nervous since on my first cycle I went later (Friday) and I didn't have great eggs. But I have to remember that things are different and I am on different meds. The biggest change is probably being on the Luveris (LH only) instead of Menopur (LH/FSH combo). Since I am not getting any extra FSH I should expect things to move a little slower....or at least that is what I am telling myself:) I will post tomorrow when I have more info!

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