Monday, March 16, 2009

How Many Things Are We Taking?

So like I said, we left the doctor's office with a new list of supplements. We got some of them from websites and some of them from our local nutrition stores. We went right home and ordered all of them that we needed. I also had to start my new medicine that my wonderful husband had talked the doctor into ordering for me. So I'll talk a little about our new supplements and medicines.

First, I was put on Fortamet. It is form of Metformin which is most commonly prescribed for diabetics. It helps to lower insulin levels by decreasing the amount of glucose produces by the liver. Apparently Fortamet is the form of Metformin that has the least amount of side-effects. The side effects can include nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite and a metallic taste in your mouth. They are most prevalent when you start and increase the medication and then subside after about a month of being on the meds. Most people are usually prescribed 2000mg daily, but she only put me on 1500mg because she said I was a "smaller" person and didn't want to over-medicate me. I started with one pill at dinner time for a week, then added a second one at dinner, then one week later I added a 3rd at breakfast. Lets just say that I had a rough couple of weeks. I started the meds on Friday night, which meant that I added a new one for a couple of weekends in a row. I literally felt terrible! It also meant that I had to start eating much healthier with more protein a spread throughout the day. It has been better these last couple of weeks, but the weekends are still a little rough. I think it is because I am "off schedule" with my eating. So I have to be careful and make sure that I still eat good snacks throughout the day.

OK, so our new supplements were:
  • Udo's Blended Oil and Nutra Sea Oil-These are two liquid oils that we have to mix with cranberry juice every morning and evening.
  • Vitamin D3-just me
  • Cinnamon-1000mg (it is a natural insulin sensitizer)-just me
  • Vitamin B Complex-both
  • High Dose Anti-Oxidant-both
  • L-Carnitine-just Tony
  • Baby Aspirin-just me-I only have to take this until I start my Lovenox Blood Thinner

These are all in addition to the things we were already taking, such as vitamins, calcium, vitamin C, etc. Poor Tony has 3 sets of pill organizer, just so he doesn't have to take everything in the morning. I only have 2-my pills are a little smaller and more manageable than his. He again has been wonderful about everything--adding all of these new supplements to his already healthy lifestyle.

We are hoping to see some results with our next cycle since adding all of these new supplements....hmmm, I think we might be up to date now!

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