Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So I have been on bedrest since yesterday. It is a little difficult to do--I always feel like there is something that I should be doing. I tried to get all of the laundry done and the little things around the house that I knew would drive me crazy looking at while on the couch!

Today has been good. I started reading Twilight again (yes, again!!) and then when I was mostly finished with it, I watched the movie this afternoon. My mom brought me lunch--Cherry-Limeades rock! Aunt Jill called to see if I needed lunch, but she was just a few minutes late--my mom had just arrived:)

Not really much to report. I am trying to decide if I want to take tomorrow morning off as well. They recommend atleast 24 hours of bedrest, but since we transferred so late in the afternoon, I am contemplating it. I have a meeting in the afternoon that I need to be present for, so I can't do another whole day off--although doesn't that sound nice:) Plus Spring Break is next week, so I hate to miss any more time with the kids on my caseload---oh well, dilemmas--I will make a decision soon!

So there are some restrictions after bedrest that you have to abide by until you find out if it worked or not:
  1. No lifting any object greater than 10lbs
  2. No heavy impact exercise (haha, I can handle that!!)
  3. No intercourse (sorry honey!!)

That is about all I have for now....bedrest is pretty boring! Tony has been awesome about everything though, even though he is not feeling the best with his back:(

*Sorry for the typos in yesterdays post! I corrected them today--makes me feel better!

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