Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Med Update

So I thought I would update everyone with what medications I am still on during this process.
  1. The dreaded Dex! Yes still have to take the steroid--yuck!
  2. Pre-natal vitamin and all of the other supplements that were listed in the earlier post.
  3. Lovenox-the blood thinner. I went off of this the day before ER, but then started back up the night of ET.
  4. Progesterone in Oil (PIO) injections. I started these the night of ER. These are not fun--they are a nightly intramuscular injection in the rear-end. Tony has to give them to me. He has to use a 1 1/2 inch needle (22 gauge for those in the medical profession--LARGE for those of you who are not!!) to give them. I usually ice my butt for about 5 mins before and he holds the vial in his hand to warm it up to make it a little thinner. Then after he gives it he massages it with a very warm washcloth for about a minute. Even after all of that, I still get small, and sometimes painful, welts.
  5. Estradiol/Progesterone suppositories. These I get to "insert" each evening right before going to bed. (sorry if TMI!!)

So those are my meds for the moment. The lovenox is again to allow good blood-flow as the embryo tries to attach and then between placenta and baby. Progesterone is produced by the placenta during pregnancy, so they like to give us an extra boost during this time to make sure that my body is making enough to support a potential pregnancy. If I get a positive on the 9th, these will all continue until about the 10th week of pregnancy or until my OB tells me to stop--well except for the Lovenox, or at least it is my understanding that it would continue throughout an entire pregnancy.

Who thought all of this had to be done AFTER all of the beginning shots:) Oh, and I did take the morning off:)

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