Monday, April 6, 2009

Car Update

Just wanted to give everyone a quick car update:) We took it to my parent's house tonight for dinner. My brother and his family were here, so we had an early dinner together. My dad and brother are much more mechanically inclined than Tony is (sorry honey, but it's true!!) so we were hoping for a little help in that department. We weren't sure we were going to make it there at one point, but luckily it pulled through:) After dinner my brother and Tony went out to look at it and take it for a drive around the block. When they got back, my brother pulled off the spark-plug cover--there was a little shot of fire--and wa-la--the spark plugs were about 1/2 deep in cleaning fluid! So they turned on the air compressor and dried everything out and things are working much better. (knock on wood!!) The check engine light is still on, so we will have to go and have it reset sometime (hopefully that is all it is). I go and get my first test in the morning, so hopefully I make it okay:) No results tomorrow--don't get those until after my 2nd test on Thursday.

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