Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I have to confess that we did break down and buy a HPT over the weekend. We just couldn't hardly stand not knowing anything! We went to WalMart on our weekly shopping trip and decided that we would buy one and see what it said. First, we had to find where they were! We had no clue--never had to look for one there before! We finally found them and then stood there and stared--which one do we buy? So we decided on the cheap WalMart brand-$3.96!! So we put it in the cart and did our shopping. We covered it up though in case we saw anyone we might know there--didn't want anyone asking any questions:) When we got home, I took it, but then ran out of the bathroom. I was sure that I saw it beginning to read negative. We went back in 3 minutes later and there was a very faint +. We both looked at it several times, we discussed whether both of us were seeing it. We decided that since we were both seeing it, that it must really be there. We decided to then check a website that lists at what beta level certain tests pick up. It said that the WalMart brand read at 25. We decided that one wasn't high enough, plus we didn't like the faint results, so Tony went to Walgreens to pick up the ClearBlue Easy Digital test. The website said it read at 50. He brought it home, but then I had a peeing block! Couldn't do it for over an hour. We had lunch, I picked up the house, did random things until I finally decided I could go. So read the instructions and went to work. As I layed it back down on the counter, I sprinted out of the bathroom because the little hour glass was spinning and I didn't want to see the results. We again went back 3 minutes later and well.....the picture tells you the answer. We again both stared at it, then we hugged and decided that maybe we could be getting good news the next day.

We had a family dinner that evening with Tony's family. We decided that we wouldn't tell anyone about the test. Aunt Jill even flat out asked me and I told her no. (she now claims that she didn't believe me, but didn't want to push the issue at the time!!). So I just had to confess that we did take one. I still have a second test (2 in one package) that I will probably take sometime next week to reassure myself that I am pregnant:) We also have several pictures of both tests, but I like the one that says pregnant best:) I will do more updates tomorrow. Went back to work today and that really stunk--plus had a meeting this evening and I also have an early meeting tomorrow in Farmington!

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