Monday, April 13, 2009

What did you say?

So I had been waiting all morning for my mom brought me lunch and I actually turned my cell phone off-didn't want to get the call when she was there (sorry mom!!). So when she left I turned my phone back on and I had a message to call them. When I called them back, I got put on hold, then when the nurse picked up she asked if it was okay if everyone in the office listened? So I decided then that it must be pretty good news if she wanted everyone there to listen. She said my test came back at 82!! So I was definitely pregnant!! I was kind of in shock and didn't actually say very much. She told me that she would be sending a new calendar in the mail and that I needed to set up another intralipid infusion for next week (5 weeks of pregnancy). I got transferred to the front and scheduled my appt for Monday the 20th.

After I got off the phone I of course called Tony. We were both kind of in shock. The number more than quadrupled, but we are still a little worried that it could be a chemical because of how low they started. I told him that I would email the nurse to make sure that I didn't need another beta test and what her thoughts were on the chemical pregnancy. So I emailed and she responded very quickly that I would have my first ultrasound the week of the 27th and that my numbers did exactly what they were supposed to over the weekend, so no more tests in their opinions, and yes there is still a possibility that the numbers could decrease and that we just had to hang in there. So we are still very cautiously optimistic that we will be having a baby in about 9 months.

Please if you are reading this, do not go around telling everyone and their mother that we are pregnant. There are still several hurdles that we will have to cross before we are in the clear and we would like to be past those before our news is broadcast to the population:) Thank you to everyone for their support during this process and we hope we can turn this into an infertility success blog shortly!

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  1. Hi! I stumbled on your blog today when doing a search for IVF with SIRM. We will be doing our first IVF cycle in August with SIRM-St. Louis. You're blog is very informative and I'm sure will help me prepare for what lies ahead, so I just wanted to say thank you! Best of luck with everything this cycle. I truly hope this is IT for you!!