Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So I think I am going crazy! I had a little episode last night and I think Tony thought I was going crazy too.

So, Tony went to bed early last night (I know big surprise!!) and I stayed up to do some things on the computer, 9:20 was a little early for me:) So everyone knows we have a wonderful dog named Tasker, whom I love dearly. So last night as I was finishing up and getting ready to go get in bed I put him outside for the last time. Well he began barking out in the back corner. So I opened the door and yelled at him to stop. He continued barking so I yelled at him to come in. Well he was taking his sweet time to get inside. He slowly walked up the stairs and when he got close to the door, he wouldn't come in. I tried everything I could think of to get him in. I called him in the sweetest voice, patted my leg, etc. Towards the end, he walked off the deck and stood in the grass and stared at me. So I decided I needed a break and went to brush my teeth and such. When I returned I could see him peaking through the window and as I walked up he walked off the deck again. I got out a treat, left the door open and walked away to see if he would come in. He still didn't--by this point I am starting to get really ticked! Tony has told me when he does this that I just need to get behind him and try to herd him in the door. So I put my coat and shoes on and go out in the yard and try to herd him in. Well when I get out there, he starts running around the yard like a maniac! He still doesn't come in. By this point I am ready to just leave him outside for the night. The only thing I can think to do is go in and wake Tony up. I feel really bad when I make this decision and as I walk into the bedroom I start crying. Don't ask my why, but I did. I woke Tony up, in tears, and he shot out of bed. I felt really bad because I was sure he thought that something really bad had happened! When I told him that I couldn't get the dog inside he looked at me like I was crazy and told me stop crying. I'm trying to explain everything that I tried to get him in, but didn't work. He keeps telling me that it is fine and to stop crying--I couldn't stop crying. He walks over to the door and calls Tasker. He didn't come right in, but lets just say that it took less than 30 seconds for him to come in the door! I tried for over 20 minutes! He did get locked in his Kennel for the night as well--he knew he was in trouble! By this time, I am still crying because I couldn't get the dog in the house and Tony is convinced that there is something else going on. I swear to him that there isn't and we head to bed. It took a little while for me to get to sleep--gee wonder why?!?

So I am going a little crazy! Who cries because they can't get their dog in the house? Me I guess! Just thought I would share my "going crazy" story. Hopefully it isn't this bad for the entire 9 months!


  1. You are TOTALLY in preggo mode!!! I hope that it gets better but tell Tony to prepare himself...I drove Andy NUTS!!! :)

  2. Ha!Just wait -- it gets better! I remember during the first weeks of pregnancy crying over a card that my husband got me that had a pug dressed up as the easter bunny. (One of our dogs is a pug). Anyways, at first I laughed, then I cried, then I laughed and then cried again. All over a stupid picture of a pug dressed in bunny ears? Whooooaaaaa hormones! Watch out!

  3. I also used to cry over the Pedigree commericals about the people moving and they had to give up their dog. EVERY darn TIME!!!

  4. I cry over that commercial and I'm not on anything....