Friday, April 10, 2009

Kind of Scary

OK, so we are still in the whole limbo thing, which really stinks overall. Thanks to everyone who has sent encouraging emails and texts. We really do appreciate it.

So I have to say that what is happening is kind of scary. I am part of a message board for the cycles with SIRM. There are several people who post there from all over the central region. Usually as the results roll in, I always seem to be the only 1 who doesn't end up with a positive. Well this cycle, so far I AM the only one with a positive--albeit not a very strong one. There are still some who will find out their results on Monday--along with my next set of numbers--so I may not be the only one (or I may be added to the other side), but so far I am. It is just kind of scary.

I have thought about going out and buying some HPT's this weekend. Most of them start to pick up betas at 25. I would know if my numbers are continuing to rise by whether or not it ends up a positive. I have to say though, I am still scared to do that. I am afraid that I still will not get the + or the double lines, which would just totally devastate me. But on the other hand, it would help with the wait. I did some research on the message boards based on my numbers. The results are mixed overall with people starting out that low. Some have ended up with pregnancies, some with chemicals, and others with ectopics (which is a little scary to think about). So I still have many routes that this could end up taking. I do know that SIRM tests really early, I did my first one at 8dpt (days past transfer) and some clinics don't do theirs until 14dpt. Which if my numbers continue to rise, I would have not been so in limbo if we tested then. My next test on Monday will be 14dpt, so we will see then how they are doing. Hope everyone has a good weekend, I think we are going to lay low.

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