Monday, April 6, 2009

Waiting Sucks!

Hi all-I'm back! I know you missed me:) I had to take some time for myself (and Tony). The wait between transfer and beta tests is really hard. A person can drive themselves crazy! You constantly think about every little twinge and cramp--is it good or is it bad? I have just been trying to live my life like normal--with the few restrictions that were passed on from the doctor's office!

We went to the auto-show this weekend. I know, who would have thought that! We will be purchasing a new car within the next couple of months, so we thought we would go and take a gander:) Saturday we hung out at home, then had an impromptu basketball and pizza party with Tony's side of the family, so that was fun! Yesterday I had a wedding shower, so overall it was a pretty busy weekend, which is good because it was nice to have something else to do besides sit around and over analyze everything!

We had quite an interesting morning as well. Our Pathfinder has a dent in the door, so we took it in to have it repaired this morning. When Tony dropped me off back at home, I was going to run out to KMart to pick up a baby shower gift (tonight's excursion!) and the blue car decided it didn't want to work! It died on my way out there! Tony had to come back and look at it (for those of you who know Tony and his car skills--stop laughing!!). We just got it detailed last week, so we think there was some water in the engine somewhere--it even backfired!! I didn't even think cars did that anymore:) I couldn't help but laugh at the whole situation because we just went looking for cars not 3 days ago! Needless to say, it started running fine and I took it out to KMart--so we assumed water gone. I made it back home, but as I pulled in the garage......the Service Engine Soon light came on! I mean seriously. Now I don't have the Pathfinder for at least 3 days and who knows if this car will start the next time I try to go somewhere!!

Well, at least my mind has been occupied for a while! I have my first test tomorrow morning, so I will check in after that.

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