Sunday, April 26, 2009

Waiting, again!

Well, Sunday is over. I wasn't as busy as I thought I would be, but it was still good. I made it to church but was really feeling terrible. I bowed out of the Lia Sophia party (sorry Kami!!) but I felt like my head was going to explode. I broke down and bought and then actually took some cough medicine. I then took a nice nap! When I woke up I felt a little better. I really wanted to get the house cleaned because I know we will be busy every day after work this week, but I just wasn't sure I was going to get it done! But Tony pitched in and dusted and vacuumed for me--what a lifesaver!--and slowly but surely we got it done. I LOVE having a clean house, a nice little trait my mom instilled in me:).

So, we had decided that I would take the 2nd HPT this morning--why this morning? Well because I had somewhere else I absolutely had to be every other morning and in case it was bad news, church was going to have to be the sacrifice! Luckily though, since you already know I went to church, it again came back positive. So we were feeling pretty good:) Well, that was until I got online this evening and saw a post about someone who went in for her first ultrasound and the baby was measuring behind which meant she would miscarry soon. Her beta numbers also started out low, so down came my mood! And I had been so good lately with the positivity! It is just really hard because going through IVF, we are SO more aware of everything that could happen, both good and bad--it is a double-edged sword at times! It is times like these that I just wish I could have gotten "knocked up" as a teenager and been blissfully unaware of all the possibilities! I know that I just need to push those thoughts to the back of my mind and move forward....we will know soon enough how things are headed. This waiting definitely stinks!--wait, didn't I already do a post about this:)

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