Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Med and Appointment Update

So I thought I would take some time while Tony is golfing to update everyone on what meds I am still taking, as well as my next few appointments.

  • I am still taking the oils and extra vitamins that the Dr. recommended when we started this cycle.
  • Bromocriptine-This is the pill that lowers my prolactin levels. I am pretty sure I will be on this for the first few months of the pregnancy, then will be taken off of it when my prolactin levels will no longer interfere with the baby.
  • Fortamet-Still 3 pills a day. Again I am pretty sure I will be on this until about 5 months of pregnancy--I think at least:)
  • Pre-Natal Vitamins-of course daily until after the baby would be born.
  • Dexamethasone-Still take this in the AM. Will be on this until my med calendar expires (5/16) and then will wean off of it by taking 1 every other day for a week.
  • Lovenox-I began taking the blood thinner again the night of ET. I believe I will be on this for the duration of the pregnancy due to the fact that it improves and supports blood flow from the placenta to the baby (pretty important!). I have heard that this possibly would mean that I would be induced on a certain day to make sure that I am off of it for 24 hours before delivery.
  • Progesterone in Oil injections-1cc every night in the booty! Tony feels really bad when he has to give it because it is looking a little bruised and battered back there. This looks like it will end on 5/16 when the med calendar ends.
  • Estrogen/Progesterone Suppositories-These are nightly insertions--not fun--but look like they end also on the 16th.

Wow-it looks like a lot when it is all written out!

Upcoming Appts:

  • Monday April 20th: Intralipid Infusion-I have to go back in and have this 2 hour infusion again to make sure that my RIP and NK cells stay deactivated. I'm not sure what will happen after this one, but they may recheck them occasionally to make sure that I don't need any more of these infusions during the pregnancy. Also not sure how far along I need to be before it is not a risk anymore, maybe never:)
  • Tuesday April 28th: First Ultrasound appointment. At this appointment they will check to make sure that everything is progressing as it should be. There is a possibility that they will see a heartbeat, but most likely just the yolk sack and a fetal pole (beginnings of the heartbeat).
  • Tuesday May 5th (1 week later): 2nd Ultrasound appointment. At this appointment they will check for the heartbeat (should be there by then). If everything looks good, I would graduate to my regular OB at this point and be done with SIRM (which would be sad, but very exciting at the same time)

This is what I know as of now. Again we are still being cautiously optimistic about everything:) On my calendar, they listed my potential due date as Dec. 18th. Hopefully everything works out the way we are hoping. We just have been so used to getting bad news, that we keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. We are trying the positive thinking approach, but we just aren't very good at yet:)

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