Monday, April 27, 2009

Tomorrow is the Day

So, tomorrow is it. It is the day that will make or break us for a little while. We've been waiting for this day, well since the day we got our 80, but now that it is upon us.....I'm not sure I want it to be here! I guess again I am thinking that I like the thought of everything being ok--ignorance is bliss:)

I keep thinking about what I will do when the doctor is actually performing the ultrasound. Will I look from the beginning or will I close my eyes and wait to hear the doctor's reaction? At this point in time, I'm not sure. In one thought I can't imagine not seeing it for the first time, but then I think about what if there isn't anything to see? Also, if there is something there, will I even know what to look for? Will I be like Rachel in Friends when the doctor is pointing everything out, but I don't really see it:)? I'm nervous even thinking about it!

Well, I've scheduled my day pretty full tomorrow-although there is lots of driving, which means lots of time to think between stops:) Oh well, I think I better hit the sheets (no the posting time is not the actual time--otherwise I would be going to bed at 7-something!!). Plus the Cubs just gave up a lot of runs--they tend to do better when I don't watch/listen!

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