Saturday, March 21, 2009


That sums up how I feel today. For some weird reason, I just don't do well on the weekends. To be honest though, I haven't been feeling the greatest since yesterday, so I think it just caught up with me! I have been on my FSH since Monday and then added my LH on Wednesday. I am feeling very bloated and enlarged:) You can feel my ovaries on the outside of my body--feel like little baseballs on either side. I made Tony feel them last night! So I have a lot of pressure, plus my stomach has been a little off. I did my two shots this morning and Tony made me eggs with the farm fresh eggs we got from Deb and Don for breakfast. I felt okay-did a couple of loads of laundry. Tony is busy today with a surprise last minute bachelor party for a friend, so I was going to try and get the house in order--clean, vacuum, and mop--before I get busy over the next two weeks with appts. About mid-morning I started to not feel good at all. Usually that means I need to eat something, so I made a peanut butter sandwich and grabbed a Gatorade around 11:15. As I sat at the table, I realized that it was not helping at all and made a mad dash for the bathroom. I'll edit the next part, but lets just say I did not finish my little lunch! After sitting on the couch for an hour and watching a show, I am feeling ok--hopefully I just needed to get whatever "it" was out of my system. So I thought I would post and give everyone an update since it had been a few days.....then try to clean up a little:)

Not much else to add really--we are in the waiting game. (there are many to come as well!) My first Luveris (LH) did not go the greatest. It is one that you mix and a totally new medicine for me overall this cycle. You are supposed to mix 1ml of sterile water into the powder vial, but then only draw up 1/2ml and refrigerate the other half for the next night. You have to use a fairly large needle to do the mixing and drawing up and then switch to a smaller needle for the injection. The larger needle is hard to use because the vials are really small--so I had a bit of a mess on Wednesday night and had to waste 1/2 of it because it squirted everywhere! Thankfully I had an extra vial of Luveris that I had received from a previous cycler. Thursday night I made Tony come in with me as I drew it up and he helped to read the directions to me and then pull off the vial when I needed some help--it went much better. Last night I tried to use the smaller needle to draw up the second 1/2--I thought the smaller needle would be easier since the vial was so small--well I was wrong! The smaller needle didn't even make it into the vial! So that is why you need the larger needle:) So I wasted a needle last night, but I know for the future it has to be done with the needles that they say--guess that is why they are the professionals:)

Overall, things are going well. On Monday (CD9)I go in for a blood draw and ultrasound-based on those results we have a better idea of when ER will be. I will post more when I know more:)

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