Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ER Date is Set!

So I went in this morning--was the first one to see the doctor (let me tell you it was great!!)--and got the green light for ER! She said that things had progressed nicely. She mentioned that she was trying to decide between Thursday and Friday and was glad that she had waited another day because things looked really good. I know I mentioned that my first cycle I had ER on Friday and my eggs were "soft" so I am trying to stay positive this time. There are so many things different this time, so there has to be different results, right?

I then met with the nurse and she gave me instructions for my meds for the next couple of days. The best news--no shots for a couple of days! (well except my trigger) I have to still take the Fortamet, but I am not sure I want to go off of that and then come back on anyways:) She said she would call later today with my Trigger shot (HCG) time. They have to wait and see how many people will be coming in for ER, then the embryologist decides who goes when. I guess the time selection is based on how many eggs, what other types of tests you might be having done on the embryos, etc. So, they have to get through all of the appts for the day before they can schedule anyone.

Well I was beginning to get worried because usually she called later in the afternoon with my time and I still hadn't heard anything by 4:00. I had decided that if I didn't hear anything by 5:30, that I would call the office in case I was missed by chance. I got home around 4:30, and soon after that I got the call. We have to give my shot at 12:45AM--yep in the middle of the night! Tony has to give this one to me because it is an intramuscular injection in the back of my arm (deltoid muscle). We usually go to bed, then set a couple of alarms to make sure we get up!! He does a wonderful job, even though we are half asleep most of the time:) You have to give it at the specific time, otherwise you might mess up retrieval. The HCG shots gets your body ready to ovulate. I believe that you ovulate approximately 36 hours after you take the shot. My ER time is on Friday at 11:15AM. So they get in there shortly before the 36 hour mark to get the eggs out. The HCG shot also makes them easier to get out of the ovaries.

So we are on our way. I will keep you updated with how things go over the next couple of days.

Oh--I did forget to mention that yesterday there were only 2 husbands in the waiting room and today I only saw 1--told you they wouldn't be coming back:)

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