Sunday, March 1, 2009


So we were set up for our consultation. It was MLK day 2008. We had received a huge packet of information that we had to fill out to take in with us. We also had to have all of our records sent from the other RE office and the OB/GYN office. I was a little nervous because I really hadn't heard the best things about this office, but I was trying to keep an open mind and plus they had just gotten a new doctor so things had to be different.

We went to the Sher Institute of Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) for our consult. We met with the doctor. I was ready to hear what our next step would be, but nervous at the same time. Tony is usually pretty quiet during these meetings and just lets me do the talking, then we review after the meeting if either of us were a little foggy on anything that was said. So the doctor had reviewed our charts and he said that our next step would probably be 2-3 more IUI's, but this time we would use injectable medicines instead of a pill. He said that injectables usually produce 3-4 eggs per cycle, so there would be more eggs to work with during the IUI. This is when Tony asked a question--needless to say I was shocked, but very happy that he did. He asked the doctor why we needed to do more IUI's when we obviously knew that they hadn't been working the last 6 months. The doctor said that sometimes insurances require going through injectables after clomid, but that they would check and we could possibly move directly to IVF--wow that would be a little scary! We then met with the financial advisor who reviewed our insurance coverage and what we would need to move forward with the two possibilities. We were both very happy with how our consult had gone and we really liked the doctor and office staff.

So we left there unsure of what our next step would be and with more appointments to get more testing done! We had to have been the most tested people in the area during that time:) Needless to say we only had a few days before the financial advisor called and said that our insurance was fine with us moving to IVF-wow, here we go. I had to call when my next cycle began and depending on when that was, it would determine when we could get into a cycle. So, here we go again......

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