Friday, March 27, 2009


ER was today--obviously. Things went well. Tony met me at the office and we got there right on time. Had to fill out more paperwork of course and then they take you back in the room to get you situated. You get to put on the wonderful gown and booties and then you fill out more paperwork for anesthesia. They had a "loaner nurse" in to help with the pre-op part of ER. They take your blood pressure, check pulse, etc. and then get an IV hooked up. I warned the nurse that I had a leaky vein, so she put a pillowcase under my arm just in case--well I was right and blood leaked out everywhere. Tony was appalled because she didn't wear gloves! Then he said that everything in the office could have been contaminated with my blood:)

We waited a few more minutes and the anesthesiologist came in, asked a few questions, then gave me IV antibiotics. Jolene (the SIRM surg-tech) came to get me. I had to go to the bathroom one last time and then went back into the room. You get up into the little bed with a hole for your butt and put your legs in the wonderful stirrups with straps. You get oxygen and then he gave me a little something to relax me--it made the roof spin:) We joked that they should just hook up margaritas! When the doctor walked in, well that is about all I remember because he said he was giving me the "hard stuff" then. I do remember that she asked for the music to be turned on. Next thing I somewhat remember is getting into the recovery bed.

They came to check on me several times, taking blood pressure and such as I came out of the drugs. Tony always tries to ask me funny questions to see how I will answer. He asked if I would let him go to Canada for a bike trip and such. I am usually aware enough to answer correctly though:) After about 25 minutes, I got dressed--with a little help (still woozy) and then we waited for the doctor to come in. Finally she came in and said they got 11 eggs. She said it went well and as she looks at my chart she thinks, "we have to get it done this time!"

We were released after that. Tony took me to get a smoothie and a muffin and then brought me home. I've been laying around on the couch snoozing on and off. He went and got pizza for dinner and a movie to watch later. Overall I feel ok. Taking tylenol to help with the slight pain, but mostly I feel really bloated and large. It feels much better to be laying on the couch than sitting in a chair. Now we wait until they call tomorrow morning with the fertilization report. I will post when I hear. Now I'm going back to the couch!

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