Monday, March 30, 2009

ET is Today

I called the office around 10:00 this morning, but the embryologist hadn't checked on the embryos yet. They said they would call when she did. Well at 11:20 I emailed my nurse, because I had to let work know by 11:45 or so whether or not I was going to be needing the afternoon off. She emailed back quickly and said that I am on for today. So I ran a few errands on my way home and stopped and got some comfort food (Taco Bell) to eat when I got there.

I am trying to stay positive. I know that a 3-day transfer probably means that the 4 we have are not looking the best, so they want to get them back inside. I am not sure about the grades of the embryos (they grade their quality 1-the best, 2-good, 3-ok). They say most people have 2's overall, although some do have grade 1's. I have only had grade 2's and 3's over my last cycles. I did not ask the nurse, but the doctor will tell us when we discuss how many we should put back this afternoon. I know things could be worse--there is a girl who had 21 eggs retrieved, 7 were mature, and she only has 1 that fertilized. So I have a few more than that--although I feel terrible for her--she is being positive though, so should I:)

I am off to empty my bladder, only to fill it up again. I have to have a full bladder for the transfer--makes it easier to see the uterus. Some other great news--Tony's back is out! Yeah!! He did it working out this morning and has already been to the chiropractor. Luckily my mom and dad brought us some food last night, so he doesn't have to worry about that tonight! I will post more when I can.

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