Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last Supper

So we set two alarms last night, 5 minutes apart, to make sure that we woke up in order to give the shot. Luckily, we woke up just fine, early in fact, and the shot went without a hitch! Tony was a little worried that he would give it to me in the wrong spot. We talked about it before he went to sleep--he was more lucid then--and I actually didn't even feel it go in. I rubbed it around a little bit and then got back in bed. It started to hurt a little bit then, but overall it is one of the best ones he has given!

Tonight, Tony had a meeting in Bloomington for his professional group, so that meant that I was on my own for dinner. I decided that I would call my parents to see what they were having because I knew if I stayed home by myself that I would just have soup or something. I needed to eat a good meal because I can't eat after midnight tonight since I will be under anesthesia for ER tomorrow. So I called my mom this morning and she said that she wanted to go to Red Lobster! I wasn't going to turn that down! So they took me for my "Last Supper" and it was good:) I had salmon with the fixin's and then we shared an apple dessert--it was all very yummy! Thanks mom and dad!

So I am going to work for a 1/2 day tomorrow before ER. One of my coworkers is picking me up and taking me to work and then is going to drop me off at the doctor's office after a meeting we have. My coworkers have been wonderful throughout this whole process (thanks ladies!!). They are so thoughtful and haven't given me a hard time as my hormones have been raging! At times I know I have probably been unbearable (witchy-woman!!) and not easy to get along with (snappy!!)--so thanks for understanding!

I will post tomorrow and let you know how things went during ER--well when I feel up to it!

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