Tuesday, March 10, 2009

IVF #2

Ok, so I finally had the made the call for a follow-up consultation with the doctor. Tony and I both went and he basically said that the first cycle is always a gamble because they don't know how your body will actually respond to the meds, it is all guesswork. He did say that the embryologist had made a note in my chart that had said my eggs were "soft." He actually got up during the consult to go and talk with her. (she works in the back of the office) When he came back he said that she thought maybe they had "overcooked" and actually had little grainy particles in them. They weren't sure why, but weren't too overly concerned and just said they would try to have my ER be a day earlier on our next try. He also didn't think that we needed to have any other testing done at this time--just another try.

So, now we are in August of '08. My summer is so busy and hard to miss work, so we waited until the beginning of the next school year (I know, it sounds kind of backwards--but that's the way it is!). I had a special training the week I had to have my baseline appointment, so I got special permission from those in charge to miss an hour in the morning to go to my appointment. The doctor's office also had my come in on Friday, instead of Thursday, because it was less busy that morning and they could get me in and out quicker. Well, low and behold I had ANOTHER cyst. I didn't have to have this one aspirated because it was smaller, but my levels again did not go down so I was cancelled--AGAIN!

Now, move to the end September '08. **Just a little more stress to add to the situation at this time, I was having ANOTHER insurance change! It would be happening Oct 1st--right in the middle of cycle. I stressed a little and made lots of phone calls--but we found out that SIRM was still in network and the office manager there was great and got everything squared away so I could continue.** Ok, well since I was again on BCP's for a long period of time, no cyst was able to form. I was basically on the same med protocol, although they bumped up my FSH medicine a little to hopefully form larger follicles sooner. It did work, and I had ER this time on a Thursday, with 9 retrieved, 6 mature and again only 5 fertilized. We again had a 3 day transfer and this time we went with 3. We were a little nervous, but thought--what the heck! **oh wait--another thing. We found out during this cycle that the doctor was leaving the practice!!! A new doctor was starting though and she was actually present during cycle to see how SIRM did things--just one more stressor!!**

We again waited, but again did not get good news. It was another negative. I was beginning to wonder why we were having so many problems. My mind kept wandering back to my very first consult where Dr. G. said that it might be an egg problem......was it my fault that things weren't working?

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