Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CD10 update

Well, today was more of the same at the doctor's office. They were again behind-not as bad as yesterday, but still behind. At my ultrasound, my follicles were growing as scheduled. My right ovary was much easier to see, which made it way more comfortable as well. I again had two lead follicles-which is what they call the largest follicles. They were 20mm and 23mm. These will be the two that they probably sacrifice as the cycle continues. My others were around 13mm-15mm. So I have one more night of "stims" and have to go in tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and blood draw. She did up my Follistim tonight to 300 units (has been 225) and another 1/2 vial of Luveris. The nurse said that she was pretty sure I would be "hit" tomorrow night--which means that my trigger shot will be tomorrow night and ER on Friday--most likely. When I went to check out and make my appointment, the receptionist said that since I had been one of the ones waiting so long, that I would go first tomorrow at 8:30--so happy for that!

So not much to say overall--just more of the same. I will update tomorrow when I know more.

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